Who’s or what’s Akinator? First of all, it’s an exciting game which allows you to feel yourself in a role of a host. You’ve seen those quizzes where a person is asked questions and if the answers are right, he gets money? In Akinator it’s you who’ll be giving the answers. A host will be asked questions? You might wonder how it is possible. But don’t rush to find an encyclopedia because you won’t need it – you’ll just have to choose among the offered answers: Yes, No, Probably yes, Probably no and Don’t know. At the same time your task is to think of any person or character from literature, music industry, cinema, theatre or other spheres. As soon as you start playing this game, a cartoon genie will appear on the screen. He’s gonna try to guess the personality which came to your mind. He can ask you up to twenty-five questions. If the genie fails to guess the character, you win the round. But usually he knows the right answer. The database of the game extends with every genie’s mistake. A player should add the photo of the person and his/her name, so next time Akinator succeeds in solving the riddle. It means that your victory won’t be long-lasting. Anyway, you’ll get pleasure from the very process of answering the questions. The genie will start with the general ones and move on to those which narrow down the character. When you run out of ideas, ask the members of your family to help you. They gonna like this game too! Akinator unites families!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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