Akinator Black


A magical genie named Akinator can guess any famous character on our planet. Still having doubts? Then check it out for yourself! Think of any person – it can be an actor, sportsman, scientist, even a cartoon hero. To start the game, you only need to type in your age. And then all you have to do is answer the questions asked by Akinator Black about the person you chose. The options are quite simple: yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the genie will find the right answer! But make sure all your answers are correct, because if you give a wrong one, it can mislead Akinator and as a result he won’t guess your character. And even if he doesn’t know who you are thinking about, you can always help him expand his database by adding this person to it and mentioning the main details about them. This way, you will make Akinator even smarter. But chances that you will pick someone he doesn’t know are pretty scarce, he has quite a lot of options in store. So start the game and have fun!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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