Akinator 2


Akinator the Genie’ is an exciting computer game worth playing. It does not relate to any genre owing to unique and unusual plot line. It is quite interesting and it is really hard for gamers to tear themselves away from it. Why ‘Akinator’ is so addictive? Let us see its advantages. First of all, the game aim is rather simple. You will not have to collect loot, coins or kill blood-thirsty zombies. All a person has to do is to choose a celebrity (contemporary or departed). This person may be from any sphere, any state or continent, but he/she should be famous.  After that the genie starts guessing this mysterious personality. He starts asking different questions (from 20 – 25) and comparatively fast can figure him/her out. On the whole, it is a good way to kill time and amaze friends. The application ‘Akinator the Genie’ is internationally known for a long time, however the Android users got a chance to play it now and see with their own eyes its brilliance as a game and application too. By the way, it should be mentioned that Akinator does not guess some ‘hard’ personages from the first time. So, have patience and let do its best.

A peculiar nuance is the player can enter data into the database himself, picking relatives, friend, neighbors, etc. It is a cool chance to trick your family and have fun, uploading personal heroes which are available for all the users of your region. Akinator sometimes just cannot keep up the events and worthy people gamers may think of. It means that the game needs to be updated, new personalities must expand Akinator’s intelligence horizons and enrich his knowledge. As a matter of fact, such actions are even encouraged: entering new heroes, the gamer gets gifts which may be used to upgrade the genie’s image. Fascinating, is not it?!

Anyway, ‘Akinator the Genie’ worth being a resident of your devices. It is a peaceful thought-stimulating game. What can be more apt for a person tired from routine life and craving relaxation? So, do not hesitate and download the game now!  No doubts, you will enjoy your exciting leisure time.



  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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