Akinator, the Web Genius


Do you know people, who can read your mind? Well, there is a very few of them, if you know any of course. This game introduces you a very nice character, who can become your favorite superhero. He is Akinator, a mega genie, who is able to read your mind. No, it’s not a joke, but you can see him only in this game. You can think of any character, famous more or less all over the world, and he will give the right answer about his or her name. Don’t be so unbelieving, you should just check his abilities, and see, how clever he is!
You can challenge not only genie, but your friends as well. Various tournaments are created especially for you and if you dare, you check, whose genie is better – your friend’s or yours. If you have little kids, and they want to play in this game, you need to set necessary options, and your child will be able to play without a slightest fear of inappropriate content. If you are ready to accept the challenge, set by our genie, start the game, and enjoy the things you can do there.

Akinator seems to know every person in our world, and by asking you several simple questions he may guess whom you are thinking about. The questions are really easy, like: is this is man or a woman? Is this person a singer or writer? The answers are obvious for you, but he needs to think for a while, considering all your choices in order to pick up the most appropriate person. He can do this task easily, but he can do even more than that, but you will learn it only in the process of playing, we won’t spoil you fun. If you want to make this task even more difficult, you may choose characters, which are not so popular nowadays. This will make the process of guessing harder, but our genius genie is capable of anything, believe us! Each level will bring you certain reward, and you may make the game setting the most appropriate to you. So, don’t hesitate, Akinator is waiting for you!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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