Akinator 2018


Everyone knows that genies are tricky beings. Their magic knows no boundaries and their knowledge spreads just as far as our entire world. And most of all they like mysteries and riddles. This is part of their adventurous character and the hero of this game is no exception. Our charming genie is named Akinator and he used his magic to connect to the internet and find out everything about famous people and characters. Now you can play with him. Just think of any person – your favorite musician, a well-known politics, even a literature or movie hero – and let the genie guess away by asking various questions. The questions will be pretty simple, you can answer either yes, no or I don’t know. For instance, Akinator may ask you the person you are thinking about male or female, young or old, what kind of job they have. Be honest and answer everything correctly. Otherwise you may confuse the genie. And if you try to outsmart him by answering I don’t know every time, he is going to catch you on the spot telling that the character you picked doesn’t exist. You can share you results on Facebook and activate child lock to let your kids play safely. You are going to love Akinator and playing with him! Try to think of a person that he won’t guess if you can!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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