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Akinator’ is a revolutionary simple game, addicting more and more players all over the world. Picking rather a childish game ‘Twenty Questions’, computer geniuses upgraded it ‘all-time high’ and reincarnated it to contemporary-styled computer game and application.
The rules of the game are elementary: you think of a person, your friend (this time genie Akinator) does his best at guessing who on your mind is. Akinator is a friend and rival of yours at the same time.
Who is Akinator? It is a genie (as it was abovementioned) that, if to believe Eastern fairy-tales, was confined to reside in a bottle; this storybook character has got a new story within the game. He is free and eager to play. No doubts, sophistication and wisdom are inherent to him, as well as acumen and quick ability to learn. Speaking of graphics, it is superb! The genie, antagonist, looks cartoonish, but in the best tradition of understanding of its nature. A gamer does not feel alone in the process of playing – a certain conversation between them takes place. Akinator asks – the person answers with the help of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Don’t know’ and ‘Maybe no’ answer buttons
So, asking 20-25 questions the genie can figure the mystery out. Moreover, a photo with a short personality description will appear on the screen. Though sometimes he may be wrong. This artificial intelligence needs to be ‘enriched’ all the time, because it cannot be aware of everything by itself. Therefore, gamers help Akinator stay current. They think of someone unknown for him, Akinator learns. In such a way the web genie gets new knowledge from the whole world.
It is interesting to know that players can make their own database too. For example, just for fun they enter names of relatives, friends, neighbors to the genie’s database, and we may suppose how shocked they are seeing it! It is even encouraged to expand Akinator’s files – a person gets bonus! It can be spent on genie’s image alterations.
All in all, ‘Akinator the Genie’ is a qualitative computer product available on line and as smartphone application. Initially it was highly praised in Europe and Japan. Now it is becoming popular and loved worldwide. It is real pleasure to play this game and to delve into a new digital dimension. Moreover, it is not one of the ‘shallow’ zombie slayer or treasures quest games, it is unique and thought-provoking game. It is the best option for single use as well as playing with friends.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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