Akinator the Genie


Modern virtual world gives us so many complicated games, and sometimes we need something really simple to help our brain to relax. There is one game that will make you excited by its simplicity and immaculate execution. This game will help you to dive into the virtual world, without losing the sense of reality, because here you will be dealing with characters you know pretty well. You don’t need to create a character on your own, because the authors tried hard to do it instead of you. You can always show your progress and share it via your account in Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Does it make any sense to you by this moment? Then you may run the game, and see what cool things it may show you.

You can put some money in the game, then the process of playing will become easier and quicker, but you can’t say that this achievement is truly yours. Akinator knows the problem with donation, but you are not obliged to buy products for your real money. You can do it with help of your in-app currency, though, it will take more time. Our magician isn’t so powerful, but he can do something very special – mind-reading. He can do it on his own, but you may help him by purchasing certain potions. There are three types of them, and each will bring you peculiar benefits. It’s to you to choose whether to buy simple potions or save some money for the super one.

There are some cool features that you will definitely like. First of all, you may choose a language. We don’t know whether this will help you to learn some new words, but this will be a very interesting experience. You can turn on or off sounds, but hearing is definitely better. You can make your children safe by turning off violent content. The thing is that Akinator has to guess a character, which you chose, and he can do it only by asking you simple question, which you need to answer. Don’t be afraid – the answers are obvious, and you will be comfortable with them. You can customize your Akinator, dress him in a fancy manner or choose the background you like. If you want to challenge your Akinator to the maximum extend, you may ask this genie to guess your relatives. Will he be able to do this? You’ll see!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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