Akinator VIP


Akinator is a modern computer game and mobile application based on twenty to twenty-five questions. The main aim of the game is to think about one person and Akinator, a protagonist, has to guess who a puzzler is. Who is Akinator VIP? It is a genie, evidently, wise and sophisticated. He looks cartoonish, though enigmatically. He is a player’s antagonist in this game.

Everything is quite simple, although exciting.  To start the game a person/gamer has to press an appropriate button on the keyboard or device screen, and think about some celebrity living or dead (for example, it can be a pop star, politician, sportsman, actor, film or You Tube hero, TV show host, writer etc.). After that, the genie starts asking ‘Yes’, ‘No’ questions. There are also answer options like ‘Maybe’, ‘Maybe not’ and ‘Don’t know’. If the player’s answers lead to one probable variant before all the questions are asked, the program proposes the answer and specifies whether it is correct. Moreover, Akinator displays a picture of a probable person and provides a short description of his/her personality. Wow!

It happens sometimes the genie cannot guess a person, then Akinator proposes to expand his knowledge (database) adding the hero’s name. Apparently, it is hard to be informed about everything and stay on top of things, if you are not a real person, but artificial intelligence. Thus, the game needs to be updated constantly by the users, in order Akinator is aware of all the novelties and heroes of modern times.

‘Akinator’ seems to be one of the best solutions to have a rest with friends, family, close relatives or even by yourself. It is easy-going, calm and non-aggressive. You will not find crude humour, clumsy irony, bloody scenes or curse lexis in it. Just on the contrary – it tarts up your leisure filling it with sense. So, playing the game and having a conversation with Akinator, you will not waste time, but get to know something knew, interesting and instructive.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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