Akinator 2017


Can you boast to have supernatural powers? Of course, you can’t, but there is someone, who can do everything, and a bit more. He is Akinator, a famous genie, who is a real genius. He knows how to handle the information and he can guess who you are thinking about at the moment. If you hesitate about this, you shouldn’t, because he will easily reassure you. Check his abilities in practice, and let him show what he is capable of.

Before you start challenging Akinator, you should note your sex and age. The very moment you do this, fun is getting started. You need to think about a certain character, and Akinator will try to guess his or her name. He will be asking you some questions, and you need to answer them in the right way. The questions will be easy, and you don’t need to struggle to or search the internet in order to find the proper answer. Everything is quite obvious, and you need to click at the right answer, which looks more or less like ‘yes’ or ‘no’. A series of simple questions will definitely lead to the right answer, if you won’t cheat, of course. You can choose any character you like: singers, actors, sportsmen, scientists, characters from cartoons, TV series, books and so on. Akinator is ready to name your hero after a while, of this he may be pretty sure. Otherwise, he would be ashamed, and can’t be called genie with super brain! He won’t let you down, and guess every person you choose.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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