Akinator 3


Akinator the Genie’ is really genial computer game and application that is based on purely simple and known idea. It was developed in France and gradually became internationally loved and sought-after. Akinator is a genie, a fairy-tale character that is fond of trickery and jokes. Within the game he free, not in a bottle, and is eager to play. Will you try it?

Everything is very simple. A player has to think about any person (living or dead, real or imaginary) and the genie’s goal is to guess who he or she is. That is! To find the answer Akinator uses a set of questions (from twenty to twenty-five) and analyzes the player’s replies. The latter has got a choice of answer buttons: ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Do not know’, ‘Not sure’ and ‘Maybe no’. A shrewd genie may sometimes figure a person at once; he rarely needs all the twenty-five questions. The thing is that Akinator starts from the easiest to the most difficult questions, picking respective data from its base, setting unnecessary information apart. Each next question, as a rule, is based on a previous one, therefore he gradually moves to the answer. Finally, you see a photo of a person you thought of and a brief personality character sketch. Voila!

It is almost impossible, though rarely Akinator can stay perplexed. So what are the reasons of it? Well, the most apparent thing is the gamer’s vague answers. Of course, if he/she constantly replied ‘Do not know’ or ‘Maybe’ how, on earth, he could find the right answer! That is why the gamer should mind it and answer as accurate as possible. The other probable reason is the gamer’s input to data base. Yes, the player can think of a person Akinator has never heard about: for instance, a celebrity or new stylist, or even the gamer’s grandmother! Just imagine it! The player can do it just to crack a joke!

The game ‘Akinator the Genie’ conquered the hearts of millions people worldwide and these figures are just shocking, because, if to imagine, everyone enters something to the database, Akinator’s abilities will be limitless and endless! His artificial intelligence will be enriched and expand so much that he will know each man on the planet personally!

Play this game – try something new and different! If you are tired of abominable and dumb games, test the web genie and you will be pleased! It is one of the best solutions of passing leisure not wasting valuable time, but in a useful and instructive way.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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